Trading Coffee

Trading Coffee

Our daily mission is client’s satisfaction. Quality and Transparency are our philosophy together with the will to keep lifetime commercial relationships with Producers, Suppliers and Clients.

We are focused on expanding our experience in an extremely dynamic market, where multiple variables influence the price-levels of this soft-commodity that, after oil, is the most traded raw material in the world.

Today’s dynamic coffee marketplace requires to make the right purchase. Our clients need to be freshly updated with the last news and prices. We bring in depth for them daily commentary from experts, from the coffee Producers around the world, from breaking news, from key weather information and all the critical, timely information they may need.

We have direct access to the Futures markets in New York and London, operating as hedging-instrument to minimize the high risks that such a volatile market can bring.

All the coffees are carefully cup-tested with a real check of all the standard characteristics belonging to the different qualities, granting a full traceability of each lots.

We ship 20 feet containers from origins to the Italian ports of Genova, Vado Ligure, Trieste, Livorno, Napoli, Gioia Tauro and Pozzallo.


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